Facebook recently launched the Messenger Platform (beta), making it possible to connect with the more than 900 million people around the world who use Messenger every month.

Bots for Messenger are for anyone who's trying to reach people on mobile. Its not only for sending and receiving text, but also images and interactive rich bubbles containing multiple calls-to-action.

Build just one bot, and your experience is available on all platforms where Messenger exists, including iOS, Android, and web. Facebook also built powerful discovery tools such as Web plugins, Messenger Codes, Messenger Links or Messenger Usernames and a prominent search surface in Messenger.

Here are a few bot ideas for hotels and tour operators:

  • confirm reservations at a hotel
  • send booking/reservation info
  • send receipts from a recent tour purchase
  • provide status (checkins / checkouts / cancellations)
  • take room service orders
  • send driving directions
  • customer service & faq's
  • customer surveys after a stay or tour experience


Case Studies:

  1. After booking your flight on KLM.com you can choose the option to receive booking confirmation, check-in notification, boarding pass and flight status updates via Messenger.