Email marketing is still the best way to maintain customer relationships on the Internet. A permission based targeted newsletter is inexpensive, immediate, effective and measurable.

Listed below are some simple tips and techniques you should avoid when writing and designing your newsletter so it lands successfully in your subscribers inbox.

From Line:
63.3% of respondents cite the "From" line as the most important factor motivating them to open emails (up from 60% in 2002). The report asserts that the increase is most likely driven by the importance of identifying a sender and distinguishing legitimate email from spam. Always encourage your subscriber to add your FROM address in their address book.

Subject line:
It is the second most compelling reason your email gets opened. Keep the subject line short. Eliminate punctuation as much as possible. Subject lines don't even need to end in a period. And by all means, stay away from exclamation points. These are highly likely to get your email filtered. Unless your Subject line is a question (and therefore needs a question mark), it's best to stay away from punctuation.

Subject lines rendered in all caps are a sure way ticket to the spam folder. If your email does make it through, your subscribers may consider it to be spam and delete it straight away.

Avoid Spam-like words Free, guarantee, credit card, $$ etc.

Email Body:
Avoid using red text. Red is a loud colour and is sometimes used as a spam tactic. Avoid excessive images without much text.

Avoid excessive use of "click here" especially in all capital letters. Make your call-to-action links more specific to avoid filters.

Avoid excessive use of $$, and other symbols. Again, this tactic is likely to trip email filters. Use just one dollar sign for currency and use descriptive words instead of symbols to get your message across.