Here are ten tips to improve the usability of your website and improve your conversion rates:

  1. Use a simple site address: If possible use a simple website address so visitors can easily remember and find your site.
  2. Page titles: Every page title should be unique, simple and explain what the page is all about. It will increase the click rate when your visitor finds it on a search engine listing. Unique page titles will also ensure it is crawled and indexed individually by a search engine like Google.
  3. Fast Loading: Keep the page load time to under a few seconds so that your visitor is not kept waiting.
  4. Easy Navigation: Your site should be easy to navigate (without a huge learning curve for the visitor). The visitor should always know where they are on your site via breadcrumbs or other visual indicators.
  5. Labels: All labels (menu, buttons, form fields) must make sense to your visitors. Dont use labels that are too technical. Avoid using generic labels like 'Products'.
  6. Sitemap: Always provide an easy to find link to the sitemap page. A sitemap should give your visitor a simple overview of all the areas on your site. A sitemap will also help search engines find links to every page and area of your site.
  7. Search: Always provide a site search box on your home page. This allows your visitor to easily find content without relying on the site navigation.
  8. Content is still the king: Make sure all the relevant content is organised together. Make sure the content on the site is fresh and up to date (like contact details).
  9. Contact details: Always show contact details (top right corner) on the home page or atleast an easy to find 'Contact Us' link for visitors who want to contact you.
  10. Homepage should say what the site is all about: Add a short summary on what your company does or your site is all about so your visitors are not left guessing. Don't show a link to the homepage on the homepage. On every other page your logo should link back to your homepage.