1. Greater Exposure – Many people no longer use desktop or laptop PCs and Macs to access websites and online content. Without a mobile compatible website you will not be able to access that growing audience.

2. Greater Accessibility – A mobile website allows your customers to access your website wherever they are. The immediacy of being able to find your online store when they first spot the email address will lead to high conversion and sales rates.

3. Simplified structure – The simplified structure of the mobile website may help you to fine tune and streamline your internet content.

4. SMS marketing – A mobile compatible website allows you to utilise the website address for SMS marketing campaigns.

5.Email marketing – With most people accessing emails on their smartphones a mobile compatible website can increase the effectiveness of your email marketing.

6. Application Marketing – Phone apps also contain advertising and marketing opportunities that will be lost on your business if your website cannot be easily accessed on a smartphone.

7. Outdoor advertising – When your customers are out and about and they see your web address on a sign or even at your shop front they are more likely to be able to access your information quickly if your website is easy to access from all commonly used mobile devices. Your website may even impress them enough to prompt them to conduct business with you right there and then!