A responsive mobile and user friendly website for your restaurant can do wonders in making you stand out in the tough competition of selling taste! Thinking how to create such a website? You’re on the right page. We can give you the mantra for creating an awesome restaurant website to convince the world that you’re the best in the business! Here are some handy tips you should consider for your restaurant website-

  1. Hypnotize with food photography

    It is very obvious that food is the first priority for the people who are searching for a good restaurant. Thus your website should steal the show with the glimpse of the food you serve. Your homepage must have close view snaps of the most colourful dishes you prepare. Make sure that the photography is very clear and stimulating to the eyes. It’s better to have the food photos changing every second so that the viewer stays on the page to see the next delicacy. But hey! If you have limited budgets then spend the majority of it for the photography stuff because your food is the ultimate product that you want to sell out and good photography is compulsory for the purpose!

  2. Exhibit a feel of the ambience

    Showing off your food is definitely the first thing to do but your restaurant atmosphere also matters a lot. A good restaurant has good food with good internal environment where people dine in to spend some quality time with close ones. Therefore you will be a loser if you fail to convince the masses about your serene atmosphere with excellently trained staff. Here also photography is everything that can convey whatever you want to tell people in order to sell your services. Remember, you’ll be doomed if the photographs are not up to the mark. This is a world of showcasing to sell. So if your showing off is not unique then you’ll land up in losses. Again, apply more than one snap one after the other to get the viewer stuck to the page.

  3. Add delicious contents

    If your mouth watering photographs are blended with appetite raising descriptions, then you’re close to get the viewer to your restaurant door. The contents should have brief information about your restaurant and what you serve. Keep the contents short and sweet along with hunger tickling descriptions about the food. This will completely mold the crowd to trust you as the best restaurant to satisfy their tummy. Try telling a bit about how your dishes are prepared and what fabulous ingredients you use to make it happen. Such descriptions along with small videos to support it will work massively in trapping the attention.

  4. Splash in vibrant colours to eye wash

    Create a win-win situation with rich colours and heavy textures on your website. Since it’s about appetites, the first attraction comes with good looks. Therefore bright food graphics ornamented with contrasting background colours and unique texture effects will render a feeling that you are different from the rest.

  5. Make it user friendly

    There’s no point in confusing the viewer with ultra technological contraptions on the web. Simply allow them to know you and your services with one or two clicks. You have to understand that people will visit your site to know about your food and not to play IQ games. So your job will be to get them book a table with a click after getting a quick scan through your menu chart and the ambience.

  6. Put up a neat and comprehensible menu chart

    Get rid of the PDF format menu. While it may be a quick solution PDFs are quite frustrating for visitors. Why should someone be required to download a file to their computer, just glance over a menu? Not to mention the fact that PDF menus slow down your website and have a negative impact on search engine rankings. A better solution is to include your food menus directly on your website, integrated with the design. Your menu should be categorised for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The viewer should be able to click on the menu to find out about the dish along with the price. It will be a cherry on the cake if the clicked item is backed up with a delicious photograph of it along with the ingredients and cookery information. Display your unique dishes that no one else can prepare.

  7. Last but not the least, put in the basic information

    All your efforts will go in vain if the viewer gets convinced about your cuisine expertise but gets confused about approaching you. Therefore your address and contact details should be the first thing to put up. The menu details and interiors should be there supported by photographs, the prices and online table reservation information is a must. Apart from this, details of home delivery services can also be added to complete your food web.